Bleeding: Stop bleeding

Place Right hand and then Left over the bleeding area.  Note: You do not need to physically touch the wound.

Anaphylactic shock

Seek medical help immediately! In the meantime, sit to the left of the person suffering from the anaphylactic shock and place Right Hand on Thoracic Verterbra No6 (TV6) while holding the center of the left palm with your Left Hand.  TV6 … Read More

Symptoms of Heart attack

Call 911! While waiting for the paramedics to arrive: hold your left little finger. On someone else – hold left little finger + upper back between the shoulder blades (Thoracic Vertebrae 5)

Symptoms of Stroke

Dial 911 and seem medical attention immediately.  In the meantime, hold the little toe with the outside ankle (SEL 16) of the same foot. This is the anchor step of the SELs 16-17-18-19 harmonizing Jin Shin Jyutsu sequence. The entire … Read More