Year-end Discount on Products and Services

With the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice fast approaching, I am getting into a reflective mood. What did I accomplish last year? In what direction do I want to expand my journey? What goals shall I setup to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities? If you are like me and the end of the year puts you into retrospection and reflection, here is my gift to you. 


Have you wanted to work with me or purchase a product, but other expenses keep popping up? Here is your chance to get a session or a product at half the cost get ahead with your New-Year resolutions. Try something new, or come back for what you liked in the past. I have put together new exciting products and services but I do not wish the cost to prevent anyone from trying them out. 

For a limited time until January 31, you can purchase products or book consultations at half the price.  To take advantage of this opportunity, use the following code:


And yes, you can make a gift to loved ones as well. If purchasing a gift, use the code:


Please note that classes are excluded from this discount and that you can use only one discount at a time. 

I wish you all a great holiday season!

Did you know that you can get a consultation with me? Whether you wish to improve your self-help practice, tailor it to the current astrological events, or learn how astrology can help you understand yourself and make better decisions, I can help you. 


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