Pulse Listening and Hand Position

Listening to pulses is very subjective. One person hears one thing, another – something else. The pulses themselves might also change from one person listening to another.  No need to give up on pulse listening in dismay.  Have fun instead!

Place  hands on the receiver’s wrist and listen once at the superficial level, and next at the deep level. The sensation in each of the  index, middle, and ring fingers is associated with one of the 12-Body Organ Function Energy.

For example, imagine your  attention is drawn to the Right Ring Finger, on the receiver’s left wrist.  If that happened on the superficial level, it is an indication of Bladder Function Energy. On the deep level, it is Kidney.

Notice how you listen to the descending flows at the superficial level, and the ascending flows at the deep level.  Only the Diaphragm and Umbilicus are interchanged. Even though the Diaphragm is an ascending flow (chest to finger), it governs all the descending flows in the body.  Similarly Umbilicus is a descending flow (finger to face) but it governs all ascending flows.

“Listen only for harmony”

Listen to the pulses before and after.  Focus on how they have changed in the course of application of a JSJ flow harmonizing sequence. When you listen, ask yourself, what is missing from the harmony, rather than which finger is “loud” or “quiet”.